Milwaukee County Bomb squad speaks to explorers

Level 2 explorers receiving CPR/AED training by Officer Josh Heer.

Level 3 explorers warming up on the first day 

Level 3 explorers doing pistol shoot 

Executive Officer Zywicki salutes Academy Commander Kroll during the raising of the colors 

Levels 1 and 2 salute the flag during raising of the colors 

Level 2 explorers marching to Closing Ceremony 

 Academy Commander Brent Kroll speaks to level 1 explorers before lunch

Level 2 explorers being trained on CSI by Detective  Mike Hartwell

Mike Wagner speaking to all the explorer levels 

 Level 3 explorer aiming down the sight of her G17

Level 3 explorers performing their daily task of raising of the colors while the rest of the explorers observe 

Level 2 explorers being served lunch by Caterors.

Level 3 Explorers singing cadences to Closing Ceremony 

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