The mission of the Explorer Academy is to provide an educational and exciting time for Explorers to develop familiarization with basic police techniques. Upon arrival at the Academy, each Explorer will be assigned to his/her level squad, assigned squad partner, and lodging assignment. Throughout the week, explorers will participate in fun and educational training activities such as Firearm safety, pistol shooting, crime scene investigation, defense and arrest tactics, and much more. The academy is a great way for explorers to get a feeling for what an official police academy is like. Police  Explorers throughout throughout the nation are encouraged to apply for attendance to this extraordinary event.  Please check out the application page if you or your post wishes to apply.


 WHEN:        2015 Academy is tentatively planned for August 2015

WHERE:       Volk Field Combat Readiness Training Facility (Map attached)

COST:           2015 Academy cost to be determined yet. (2013 cost was $210 per person)  

(Covers all lodging, supplies, meals beginning Monday lunch through Friday lunch)


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